" I lost 20lbs in 30 days"

-Amelia G

Stay Safe, Burn Fat & Get Toned With Live Coaching From Industry Leading Trainers

👇 It's NOT Your Normal "At-Home" Workout 👇

Unlimited Live Virtual Classes
No Contract Membership

Normally $89.95/month

Now ONLY $24.95/bi-weekly

*First 100 Sign-Ups Only*

Cancel Anytime. 100% Money Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked.

Live Coaching From Experienced Trainers. 

Classes are held on Zoom, providing you a complete, interactive experience with accountability. 

Form Correction

Train All Levels Of Fitness

Real Time Video Interaction

Classes Designed For Everyone.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get stronger, increase energy or have an event coming up you want to look good for, this program is for you!  More specialized classes will be coming soon.

Body weight + Equipment based Training To Maximize Caloric Burn

Unlimited Class Access To 44+ Classes Per Month

Over 3000 Members Served and growing 

never miss a workout.

Can’t catch a live class? Browse our ever-updating library of classes that always challenge you and never leave you bored.

More Bonuses included:

Specialty Classes

Access to specialty classes such as: Lift, Yoga, Core, and more.

Custom Workout Library:

Over 100+ workout plans for any goal, with how-to videos included.

Nutrition Tracking:

Track what you eat, how much, and when with our customizable nutrition tracking software.

Recorded Classes Library

Never worry about missing a live online class, we always upload a recorded version to your app.

Nutrition Sample Plans

Enjoy a flexible easy to follow kickstart meal plan designed to get your results from the start and teach you how to eat better.


We're here for you, just call us, text us, or email us, and someone will be ready and willing to help!

Unlimited Live Virtual Classes
No Contract Membership

Normally $89.95/month

Now ONLY $24.95/bi-weekly

*First 100 Sign-Ups Only*

Cancel Anytime. 100% Money Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked.

Why Join SNU Online?

1.Saves You Time

You avoid sitting in traffic trying to get to the gym and no longer have to rearrange your schedule around child care, work, or other obligations.

2.Cost Effective

With our promotion you end up paying about $1 per class, I mean, who wouldn't love that deal?


Working out at home means no one is watching you and there's no pressure of having a crowd of people around you while training.

4.Very Convenient

Wear what you want and train where you want.  Workout in the cleanliness of your own home or take SNU Online to the park. 

Real Coaching, Real Results.

Mary's Brutally Honest Opinion About SNU Online

"I never miss their class because I know the value of Strength-N-U and I’ve noticed a lot of changes!"

-Mary S.

This Is nOT A Follow-Along DVD Program

People often ask "Can you get results working out from home?".  The answer is YES 100%...

How? Simple, we’re already a multi-location fitness facility that has thousands of successful fat loss clients and we’ve simply extended our services to you online. So rest assured our methods are tried, tested, proven, and loved by all guaranteed, or we double your money back.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get stronger, increase your energy or you just have an event coming up you wanna look good for, this program is for you! We cater to everyone, beginner and intermediate, with modifications given for all physical abilities.

Our online classes are like no other! We offer full HD streaming to immerse you in the online experience where your coaches will be training you live. Look out for us calling your name, correcting your form, offering you tips and giving you a push when you need it. Look forward to feeling like you’re right there in the class from the comfort of your home.

Get stronger, burn fat, and feel great with daily new innovative exercises that we can guarantee you’ve never tried before. Each class can burn up to 500 calories getting you to your goals without leaving your house and rushing off to the gym.

We’ve also included some tools and resources to make staying on track and being consistent easier. When you join our program you’ll get access to our SNU Online training app. This gives you access to over 100+ programmed workouts with how-to videos that show you the movements and an option to incorporate weights. We also upload our recorded Live Blitz classes to the app so even if you miss a class, it’ll be right there among all previous recorded classes for you to watch at your leisure.

 And lastly our app incorporates a simple kickstart meal plan for you to follow to start seeing results right away as well as nutrition tracking software so you can have a visual on what your day to day nutrition looks like.

We’ve included many other bonuses that will help you on your health and fitness journey, just keep reading below to learn more.

"They're just as effective as they were when we were at the gym"

Aphrodite is a member of our physical facility and once Covid hit she transitioned to our online classes. Here's what she has to say...


" I'm a mom of 3. After having kids I felt like my body was taken away from me, none of my clothes fit anymore, and I just felt "blah". After taking my weight into my own hands and doing these workouts religiously, I've lost over 80 lbs. So I want to say thank you Strength-N-U!"

- N. Wentworth

" I started running a business and within 3 years let myself go. With early mornings and late nights I just didn't make the time to workout. When I found SNU Online I was able to fit it in anywhere anytime which let me take control of my fitness again."

-J. Diaz

Unlimited Live Virtual Classes
No Contract Membership

Normally $89.95/month

Now ONLY $24.95/bi-weekly

*First 100 Sign-Ups Only*

Cancel Anytime. 100% Money Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked.

Let's Get Started.

This Is Truly A Limited Time Offer

Online Classes

  • 44+ Classes to choose from
  • ​Specialty classes i.e Yoga, Lift, Recovery
  • New innovative exercises every class
  • A live coach in real time to push and motivate you
  • ​Coaches will correct your form and give you suggestions/modifications when needed

Customized App

  • 100+ workout programs for any goal (fat-loss, muscle building, endurance)
  • ​Nutrition kick start meal plan
  • ​Nutrition tracking software
  • ​Habit tracking software
  • Recordings of class incase you miss it


  • Call us
  • ​24/7 Email support
  • In app chat support
  • Chat with a coach live after class